Ivy Research Council

We are a team of recent graduates dedicated to understanding the shape and direction of the young talent market today

Our Story

IRC was founded in 2012 by three sophomore roommates at Princeton University on the belief that company leaders can benefit from smart research and analysis surrounding the challenges and ideas they face every day. For years, IRC provided that insight through custom research studies for firms of all sizes - ranging from 50 person boutiques to the Fortune 500. Since 2015, we have focused on the field of university talent, working with a membership of companies to better understand the decision-making factors of top young talent and best practices in recruiting on campus.

Guiding Principles

A Culture of Service

Both amongst ourselves and in our partnerships, we seek, first, to build a culture of service. And in pursuing this standard, we are deliberate. As intentional as we are in this aim, however, we still see this value as aspirational; it is the quality we seek to lead with, first and foremost, in strategy and relationships.

Uncompromising Quality

In every situation, with all our work, we lead with content. Though we recognize the value of presentation, we define ourselves by the quality of thought and insight behind the work we produce. And if the substance of our work is not top notch, we blow up the tracks and dig deeper. Showmanship will not replace substance; as to the quality of our content, we are uncompromising.