Our Approach to Young Talent

Strategy Guided by Proven PRactices

We believe there is power in a deep understanding of top young talent – how they choose between firms and the best, most innovative strategies companies use to engage them. In our work, we seek to help our partners ground their strategies in rigorous student-focused research and learn from the best demonstrated practices of their peers.
Market-Driven Research Topics
We study only that which is most pressing and relevant to our member companies and student leaders in the moment.
Deep Networks of Top Talent
We work with students from a diverse range of backgrounds, talent types, and schools to provide unparalleled insight into how students choose between opportunities.
Best-in-Class Practices
Our purpose is to advise our members on the proven best practices of their peers and the most powerful decision drivers of their target students.

Research By the Numbers

Campuses with Existing Student Relationships
Interviews Completed with Top Talent on Campus
Companies Quantitatively Evaluated by Students

Our Areas of Study

Today's Most Pressing ISsues

In addressing today's most pressing issues, all strategies are not created equal. We study the university recruiting and young talent market to advise our members on the most effective strategies seen on campus.

Increasing Diversity Hiring

Topic Overview

Effective diversity recruiting requires concerted focus, but not all diversity recruiting channels are created equal. We study the strategies that differentiate the best companies from their peers.
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Diversity Recruiting Findings

Guiding Questions

  • What are the best companies doing to increase diversity hiring?
  • What program elements, events, and national partnerships prove most effective?
  • How are the best companies effectively engaging HBCUs?

Early Engagement Programs

Topic Overview

As recruiting timelines move up, effective early engagement becomes an imperative instead of an advantage. We study the strategies & messages that truly resonate with high-school and underclassmen talent.
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Early Engagement Findings

Guiding Questions

  • How early must I go to compete for the best talent?
  • What are the best-in-class underclassmen programs & internships?
  • How might I design an early talent program that keeps students engaged & committed?

Virtual Interviews

Topic Overview

Companies are increasingly shifting interviews to virtual mediums, but, given the recency of the trend, very little evidence exists as to how to run effective virtual assessments. We are tracking the frontier of the trend to advise our members on their peers' mistakes and successes - helping them to seamlessly adopt virtual assessments without sacrificing on candidate experience.
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Virtual Interview Findings

Guiding Questions

  • How do students respond to virtual and recorded interviews?
  • What impact will the use of virtual assessments have on my brand?
  • How might I leverage the effectiveness of virtual assessments without compromising on candidate experience?

Attracting Tech Talent

Topic Overview

The need for exceptional technical talent is no longer confined to a few tech companies, but tech students' default destinations remain concentrated on a couple of companies. We study how the best companies are positioning themselves, their roles, and their programs to effectively meet their rapidly increasing need for computer science talent.
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Tech Talent Findings

Guiding Questions

  • How can I effectively attract CS talent to a non-tech company?
  • What pitches, messages, channels, and programs prove most effective?
  • How are the majority of companies nationwide dealing with the increased need for technical talent?

Digital Recruiting Tools

Topic Overview

New tools, channels, and platforms emerge every day, but not all effectively increased candidate experience and company effectiveness. We study the entire landscape of virtual recruiting strategies to advise our members on that which is worth the investment - that which truly resonates with students and companies alike.
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Digital recruiting Findings

Guiding Questions

  • What is every function for which my peers are adopting digital recruiting tools?
  • Which virtual tools - social media, direct outreach, etc. - prove effective in spreading brand impact?
  • Which programs, platforms, and softwares resonate with students and companies alike? Where should I place my investments?

Boosting Conversion

Topic Overview

Students, by default, err towards early and frequent transitions between companies. As such, the burden lies on the employer to create experiences that compel students to stay. We study the internship features that lead to increased conversion and lower candidate attrition.
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Conversion Findings

Guiding Questions

  • What are the core drivers of students' decisions to either stay or leave following an internship?
  • What offerings, programs, and development opportunities compel students to stay?
  • What are the features of my peers' internships that provide meaningful experiences year-after-year?

What Our Members Say

"We are using [IRC's] findings internally to help identify both the low-hanging fruit to fix this spring and the longer developments to construct for our early talent program. A lot of companies sell data that you don't know what to do with, but this is data we will be using to directly inform our strategy for the upcoming year.”
-Senior Manager of Global University Talent, Fortune 100 Technology Firm
"Today's model actually works very well, we are doing well on campus... However, the big value in this research is that it is allowing us to see the potential areas to improve even when we are already doing satisfactory. It gives us the impetus and understanding to work on new avenues.”
-Head of HR, 40,000+ Employee Financial Services Firm
“As we rally our internal team together, we rely on IRC to compile what is out there today: not only what other companies are doing, but how students are responding to it. That helps to make the case to our business leaders that we are behind the ball and that other companies are moving [in that direction] successfully.”
-Campus Recruiting Director, Fortune 200 Company
"We had a very large budget and we weren't sure of what was actually working. We couldn't tell what students wanted. The information that IRC put together has been incredibly impactful in being able to articulate our story and change.”
-Director of University Relations, Fortune 100 Technology Firm

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