Winning the War
for Talent

How are the best Fortune 1000 talent leaders addressing their hardest university recruiting and entry-level talent issues?


University Recruiting Strategy

Proven strategies exist for even your hardest university recruiting and entry-level challenges. IRC advises hundreds of leading University Recruiting programs on their target candidates and the strategies of their peers.

Experienced Recruiting Strategy

Your candidates have changed in the last year. Your competitors have adapted. IRC provides heads of experienced recruiting the granular, tactical, real-time insight they need to stay ahead of peers and succeed with candidates.

Your Competitive Position

For Heads of University Recruiting who compete for university talent, IRC's University Recruiting Membership provides tactical intelligence on students' priorities and preferences for potential employers. Unlike high-level employer brand rankings, IRC explores the "why" behind students' perspectives to inform University Recruiting practices.

Memberships Designed to Support TA Leaders

Just-in-Time Data & Analysis

Lean on real-time market feedback to instill agility into your tactics and messaging

Best Competitor Practices

Leverage the learnings from successes and shortcomings of your peers to avoid re-inventing the wheel

Connection with TA Leaders

Learn directly from some of the country’s best, most advanced TA leaders

Gaining Buy-in with Executives

Backup your proposals and strategies with slides filled with data and peer tactics

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